With a commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2050 and having successfully trialled electric vans on the Manchester Metro project, Select has introduced five Peugeot e-Expert Professional panel vans to its fleet. The e-Experts vans are being used by Select to cover a range of journeys with different payloads and distances to fully test the new vehicles’ capabilities.

James Waller, Select’s Head of Fleet, said: “Having successfully replaced our company car fleet with a mix of full EV’s and PHEV’s, we’re now focusing on the replacement of our van fleet.

The challenge is there is no direct replacement for a diesel van. This means our teams must adjust their planned work for any potential range and recharging constraints. It requires careful planning in advance.”

Alex Warrington, Select’s Business Unit Leader added: “This is a great initial step toward the electrification of our van fleet and compliments our plant assets as we move towards offering our clients access to an all-electric fleet.

The Fleet team will analyse the telematics data over the next 12 months to enable us to get a true ‘real-world’ understanding of the potential for these vans before rolling out more vans across other areas of our business”.

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