Engineering surveying & monitoring

Monitoring structures and infrastructure as they are under construction is becoming an increasingly important requirement and our highly specialised team has the expertise and instrumentation to service the country’s most complex projects.

Ground movement monitoring

Select specialise in providing automated wireless solutions for instrumentation, irrespective of the location or access.

Laser scanning

Select monitoring has developed a specialist capability in undertaking and processing high-definition 3D laser scans to meet different uses on site.

Environmental monitoring

With a specialist team to undertake noise, dust and vibration monitoring to meet planning requirements.

Contaminated land

Select has established an integrated contaminated land and groundwater testing capability which combines both on site, and in situ testing using Handheld XRF for Heavy Metal detection, Photo-Ionisation for volatile hydrocarbons and multi-parameter water testing.

Small unmanned aircraft

In combination with the engineering surveying expertise, Select also operates a small unmanned aircraft fleet including the Matrice 300 and Mavic M3E with the latest sensors and infra-red imaging capability.