PUNCH Flybrid

Dumarey (previously known as PUNCH flybrid)

By connecting the PUNCH flybrid technology to the generator set, the flywheel load-levels the peak power that the generator set has to deal with The PUNCH Flybrid system delivers energy immediately at high power during an increasing load step and captures excess energy during a decreasing load step.

AMPD Enertainer

AMPD enertainer

Ampd Energy has pioneered the use of battery energy storage systems the “Enertainer” in urban construction. The Enertainer is a plug and play device designed for the electrification of construction. Providing clean, quiet and fully automated energy, it enables construction sites to move away from fossil fuels.

Power generation and temporary electrics

Team of highly experience technicians, able to analyse project requirements and develop efficient temporary service solutions.

Alternatives to large generators powering cranes and equipment

This standalone flywheel energy storage system assists with delivering the peak demands on dynamic electrical loads. The unit consumes a small amount of energy to spin a flywheel which stores energy. This stored energy can be instantly released to deliver the peak demands allowing the power supply to be significantly reduced such as a smaller generator or a smaller mains power supply. This results in significant cost and carbon savings.

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