Sustainability timeline

Sustainability timeline

Our roadmap to net zero has been devised to look at past innovations that have helped support the business's evolution over the years and gives foresight into the future of our sustainable journey.



Our goal is to ensure equality of genders across all levels and locations of the Select business by 2033. Across much of the business, we have already reached this target with 65% of salaried positions occupied by women. Our next step is to encourage, train and mentor our women to ensure they’re confident to apply for senior positions.

Social value

Our approach to social value is simple, we place people and communities at the heart of what we do. Our goal is to maximise the socio-economic benefits of our projects providing communities with the support they need to thrive. We collaborate with clients to support the health and wellbeing of workforce, establish work opportunities for local businesses, improve local environments, and invest in building a thriving and sustainable society.


Alternative power sources

We’re bringing innovative new technologies to UK contractors, enabling them to dramatically reduce site emissions. For instance, our battery storage solutions eliminate the need for diesel generators altogether, whereas our hybrid storage solutions optimise equipment so that much smaller generators can be used, reducing emissions.

Tower Crane

Tower cranes

Our tower crane solutions are optimised to reduce the amount of energy needed to run them. For instance, when coupled with Ampd Enertainer battery storage instead of diesel generators, we’re able to reduce carbon emissions by 90%. Sites also benefit from significantly reduced noise, zero air pollutants and the elimination of the risks associated with diesel handling and use.

Crawlers Cranes

Crawler cranes

We have the largest battery-powered crawler crane fleet in the world, helping construction companies to make the transition from diesel to electric plant a reality. We were the first company to bring this option to UK companies, following the purchase of our first 250ft crane in 2021.

Piling & Pumping


Boasting one of the largest, most versatile, and highest specification piling fleets in the UK, we are proud to be trialling the world's largest capacity battery-powered drilling rig, the Liebherr LB30 unplugged.



We work closely with the manufacturers of our fleet, accessing specialist items such as inclined hoists and tower crane lifts used to reduce the climb time and risk for tower crane drivers.


Site solutions

Our in-house team can provide embodied carbon assessments for individual site configurations, providing estimated carbon calculations from cradle to grave. We can also provide estimated energy usage calculations up front based on the appliances selected for use on site.



We’re proud of the pioneering equipment and technology we bring to the UK construction market – and passionate about its performance. We hold exceptionally high preparation and maintenance standards, ensuring that every machine delivered is reliable, ready for work and compliant with safety features and regulations.