Lifting equipment

Select offers a full range of testing and inspection under LOLER for all types of lifting equipment: material hoists, tripods, portable A-frames, gantry cranes, goliath cranes, chain hoists, lever hoists and davit arms.

Lifting accessories

Select carries out statutory testing on a full range of lifting accessories: manmade fibre webbing slings including round slings, steel wire rope slings, chain slings, shackles, broad, standard and narrow rail gauges. blocks, beam clamps, eyebolts, vacuum lifters, lifting beams, man riding cages, goods cages and pallet forks.

Magnetic rope testing

MRT complements standard visual rope inspections by evaluating the condition of steel wire ropes. Through utilising electromagnetic fields and sensors the technician can detect internal defects such as internal wire breaks, fatigue, and corrosion that might otherwise go unnoticed. This advanced testing method not only helps prevent premature failures but also extends the rope's lifespan and allows for scheduled rope replacements reducing the downtime of equipment.

Powered and push around access

The statutory inspections of powered and push-around access are covered by the Select test and inspection services. All items under IPAF 3A and 3B, including the PAV category, are covered (static vertical, mobile vertical, static boom, mobile boom and push-around vertical).

General plant

Select offers thorough examination under LOLER and inspections carried out under PUWER for a wide range of items including, for example, excavators, telehandlers, forklifts and attachments, 360s and roto telehandlers.


Our services also include the inspection under PUWER of the following items: tipping skips, concrete skips, loading/unloading platforms, including integrated WAH safety systems, and warehouse/pallet storage racking.

Load/pull testing

Our services include Load and deflection testing, Pull/ Load testing, and a load test of all newly installed davit sockets, fixed lifting points and integrated lifting eyes, all in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and LOLER strategies that will ensure you proactively and efficiently manage the Chain of Responsibility and Heavy Vehicle National Law requirements on your project

Motion inspection software

Select is delivering an innovative overhaul of the test and inspection process through the roll-out of Motion across of their sites. Motion is a software package that will drastically reduce the downtime required for back-end administrative tasks and gives customers instant access to daily data, and greater informational insight into equipment performance.egies that will ensure you proactively and efficiently manage the Chain of Responsibility and Heavy Vehicle National Law requirements on your project

NDT (MPI) Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) is a non-destructive testing method that can detect surface and subsurface flaws in ferromagnetic materials. Magnetic particle inspection is often carried out to help determine an item's fitness for use or conformity.

Under bridge maintenance gantries and runway beams

Select also offers LOLER inspections on bespoke underbridge maintenance gantries and runway beams.