Client: Tideway

Type: Sewage

Location: London - 25 km

Completion: 2025

Service:Crawler Cranes

  • This operation took place just 7m above the Waterloo & City tube line
  • Gas main and service tunnel serving more than 25,000 Londoners.

Case Study

Providing instrumentation services, we are enabling the successful delivery of this mammoth £4.2bn project.

It is the biggest infrastructure project ever undertaken by the UK water industry and involves the construction of a 25km ‘self-cleansing’ tunnel beginning 30m below ground and falling at a rate of one metre every 790m – with a final depth of 67m.

A sure start

In a major city like London, there is as much going on under the ground as there is going on above it. As such, our approach had to consider a number of constraints – with assets below ground, on land and on water. We rose to the challenge presented by the diversity of the linear project site by using a variety of installation methods. Elevated working platforms, cranes, rope access and even boats were used to install instrumentation systems on both land and water.

Powering on through the wind, rain and river

Our solution uses a range of communications and power connections to provide surety of uninterrupted service – even in the most constrained and unusual locations. From standard hardwiring to wireless solutions, and standard power connections to solar panels and batteries, we have ensured that each point and sensor is providing accurate information continuously, regardless of external factors.