Module 1 - Legislation & Regulations
Module 2 - Lifting Equipment
Module 3 - Lifting Accessories
Module 4 - Slinging & Signalling

This training course is for the CPCS A40a (all duties) Slinger Signaller roles in the construction industry. The course provides personnel, who have limited experience of the slinger role and with the basic knowledge of activities associated with the role and the safety and regulatory requirements of those activities. The aim and objectives of the CPCS A40a (all duties) Slinger Training are to provide personnel with knowledge of the lifting
principles and safe use of lifting accessories, to understand and recognise general hazards and risks of lifting operations also awareness of legislation and regulation.

The course is a mix of theory and practical training. Delegates are evaluated by means of an assessment throughout the duration of the course which leads to a CPCS A40a theoretical & practical technical test,
the delegate must pass the theoretical test to enable them to carry out the practical test.