• Ampd Energy, in combination with Laing O’Rourke subsidiary Select, has successfully deployed three of its zero emission “Enertainer” lithium-ion battery energy storage systems to London’s Olympia Redevelopment
  • Over 12 months the three Enertainers will save an estimated 192 tonnes of carbon, reduce operating costs by 70% and remove the equivalent air pollutants of 975 cars (compared to the standard diesel generators*)
  • A European first for Ampd Energy, Laing O’Rourke and Select, the modular lithium-ion battery solution aims to electrify building sites and drive down carbon emissions for the construction industry

Ampd Energy, an Earthshot Prize finalist that has pioneered the use of battery energy storage systems in urban construction, announced today that its flagship product has been deployed in the UK for the first time at London’s Olympia Redevelopment. In partnership with Laing O’Rourke, principal contractor for the Olympia Redevelopment, and its subsidiary Select, the "Enertainer” is powering three cranes at the construction project.

With more than 130 of the smart batteries in use across building sites in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia, the Enertainer is a plug and play device designed for the electrification of construction. Providing clean, quiet and fully automated energy, it enables construction sites to move away from fossil fuels. Thirty times quieter than a diesel generator, the Enertainer is also robustly designed and built and suitable for sites that are space-constrained.

In the six weeks since the Enertainer has been operational the advanced energy storage system has delivered significant financial and environmental advantages. Over the life of the project, the Enertainer will be more cost effective than diesel generators, as well as saving space and labour time.

Compared to fossil fuel generators, the Enertainer reduces carbon footprints by up to 90%, is significantly quieter, emits zero air pollutants, and eliminates diesel handling and usage risks.

With very few moving parts, the Enertainer requires minimal maintenance and zero refuelling downtime. Additionally, as an IoT enabled device, the Enertainer can be remotely monitored anytime and anywhere, providing a deep level of data to enable enhanced decision making. The Enertainer is the first energy storage system in the UK able to power such large construction equipment, an important development as the entire sector seeks to deliver projects more sustainably.

This partnership with Select has entailed the deployment of the Enertainer in central London, and is available now across the rest of the UK.

Brandon Ng, CEO and Co-Founder of AMPD Energy commented:

“We are proud to have launched our first European deployment for the Olympia Redevelopment. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate the ‘Enertainer’s’ compelling environmental and commercial impacts, right here in London.

“We’re excited by the platform’s ability to transform construction and are proud to be partnering with industry leaders like Select and Laing O’Rourke, as we continue our journey towards making this a reality. We look forward to building on this first deployment over the course of 2023, powering cleaner, cheaper construction in the UK and across the world.”

Ian Fleming- Select Site Services Product Leader at Olympia Redevelopment commented:

“The Ampd Enertainer is a game changer for site electrics and its infrastructure. Not only does it enable us to power the crane on a small grid connection, but the innovative design allows us to feed it with small power cables and charge it when site demand for power is low. It has the capacity to run additional equipment so we are looking at other applications for it already.”

Stephen Bradby - Plant & Engineering Technical Leader at Select commented:

“At Select we are determined to lead the way with the deployment of new technologies that help us and our clients deliver projects more sustainably. We’ve made significant investment in zero emission equipment and will keep pushing the boundaries through collaboration with innovative partners like Ampd Energy.

“When we were approached by Ampd Energy we immediately saw the opportunity to help eliminate diesel from sites, particularly to power large tower cranes with high power demands. Each one of these Ampd units removes a 500kVA generator and all its associated emissions, noise, space, and cost. It a significant step forward to lessen the environmental impact of essential construction activities.”

* Data taken from BEIS conversion factor spreadsheet and Enernet monitoring system, annualised for an annual figure.