Small plant and tools

In the tough conditions on construction site where equipment is tested to the maximum, Select can provide the most appropriate item for the job in hand, no matter where or how they’re used.

We’ll never compromise on safety, so you can be sure that any item, large or small, provided by Select, will be in optimum condition, free from defects, and ready for your task.

Every item is maintained and serviced in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions, and we ensure that electrical items are tested in accordance with current legislation.

Service and Maintenance

Professional equipment is designed for heavy use, but even with the best care damage or defects can occur.  At Select we know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be, if work can’t continue until a repair is made.

With a dedicated field service and maintenance team with specialist diagnostic equipment, we will endeavour to offer a response time of two hours, to find and remedy the fault as soon as possible.

Working from our network of centres across the country, we’re never far away, and our highly trained engineers will schedule any maintenance required with you to incur the least possible time impact.

Support and Advice

Select, as part of the Laing O’Rourke group of companies, is one of the most experienced companies in the UK construction industry. 

We’ve invested over three decades of knowledge and expertise into creating a better way – one that puts us at the leading edge of engineering and the support services around it. We know how to help you build.

Our specialists have firsthand experience in virtually every facet of construction delivery, and we’re happy to share our knowledge to help ensure that your programme goes without a hitch.

We will stand alongside you to give you the advice and information from which to base your project delivery decisions. Safety and process are fundamental to the way we work – we’ll ensure that any work carried out is properly planned and expedited in the most appropriate way.

We have an enviable reputation in the industry – one that’s built on trust, knowledge and experience. We’re always honoured when we’re asked for advice. Let our next call come from you.