The health, safety and security of site staff, and visitors to any project, are our greatest priority. Select offers a wide variety of services that will help guard against unauthorised or unwanted entry, and help manage a site in the safest and most efficient way.

Together with your planning team, we can work with you in order to design effective totally integrated security measures at the earliest stage of your project. We can provide fencing and hoarding that’s appropriate to the agreed risks, and of course ensure that the visual impact is agreeable for the local community.

We can help specify and install both active and passive security measures to monitor the premises, including CCTV, and our fully trained security personnel can provide the reassurance you require to manage access, whatever the requirement.

For site staff, our bespoke biometrically controlled Aurora entry system provides the ultimate in access screening, enabling you to monitor and manage the access for all personnel.

Initial assessment and review:

Our expert team can meet you to carry out a comprehensive review of your location, to include:

  • Boundaries and hoarding
  • Manned guarding
  • Electronic security including access control and CCTV
  • A review of crime statistics in the immediate and surrounding areas

What happens next:

If you wish to proceed, we will provide a detailed security proposal to cover the lifespan of the project.  Agreed KPIs will be set, and monitored and reviewed during regular site meetings.  Assignments instructions and risk assessments will then be agreed by both parties.

Startup procedures:

Our guarding teams will have one-to-one meetings with your project management personnel prior to deployment, and have full induction and any site specific training required. Full quality documentation such as Site Log Books, Key Registers, Visitor Books and Incident Reports will be issued.

Our security differentials:

  • Our comprehensive security package to cover all requirements
  • Mobile equipment such as Patrol Management Systems and Lone Worker devices
  • Security guards are predominantly ex HM Forces, police or Prison officers, and aare all SIA licensed
  • Security guards are fully First Aid trained, medically screened and hold CSCS status and can have additional site specific training, e.g. traffic marshalling