Plant handling

An engineering enterprise like Select not only delivers advanced machinery and equipment for the 21st century construction industry, we’re at the heart of development of new technology and new processes, all driven by our passion for safety and dependability. We set the agenda that many others follow.

Modern construction is increasingly based around an end to end solution, with offsite manufacturing and logistics being critical elements of the delivery formula. Select’s logistics team is at the forefront of this new concept, and handles the integration and scheduling of deliveries, and the transportation of large or irregular loads. Through the use of world class traffic management software and integration into the construction process, we’ve helped reduce traffic volumes and general disruption to the surrounding communities, as well as reducing pollution and waste.

Our bespoke ‘Juggler’ system can also be used to offer a complete ‘Just in Time’ logistics solution, calling in materials only when they’re needed from distribution centres or agreed holding facilities.

And of course, once on site, we can use our unique skills to manoeuvre, lift and position components ready for final fixing.

Our skilled staff, trained in every aspect of each item’s operational characteristics, are available to ensure that any item supplied is operated correctly and safely. Our supervisors carry on-site assessments to ensure all operations are carried out appropriately, and to the highest standards.

Safety is at the heart of what we do, and we believe in changing the behaviour of everyone involved to promote a safer site meeting our Mission Zero ambition – the elimination of risk and danger from the workplace. We work with the major manufacturers to provide additional safety features as standard on many of our items. For example, our dump trucks and other LGVs are fitted with sensors and cameras, to enable the drivers to see into otherwise ‘blind’ areas around the vehicle. Many of our tracked plant units, and road fleet vehicles, feature ‘working at height’ protection for operators. Our high safety standards and strict requirements are frequently adopted as the ‘new’ industry norm.

Leading from the front to reduce the environmental impact of construction plant, we actively engage with our supply chain to drive down our carbon footprint as much as possible. Our latest new excavators and piling rigs feature Tier 3B/DPF engines, complying with the latest regulations aimed at cutting down harmful emissions.