Select Logistics provide industrial transportation services for Laing O’Rourke’s group businesses, suppliers and third parties. Our operation is focused on the safe and efficient movement of construction equipment, materials and other sector related equipment. Our understanding of construction sets us apart from other operators.

The business can also provide value-adding services to support projects such as Construction Logistics Centres, Route Assessment and Sweep Path Analysis.

The Select Logistics team has extensive experience in supply chain management, having been drawn from the third party logistics industry to add logistics ‘best-practices’ to the Laing O’Rourke business.

You will find Select Logistics a great partner in ‘optioneering’ - to deliver financial and service benefits. Whether a tactical project or exploring a more strategic alliance, we will be delighted to hear from you.

Scale & Organisation

With around 150 movements every day, our operation is of a scale to offer services and collaboration to external businesses.

We provide regular outbound services from our manufacturing businesses and depots to our nationwide customers. We also undertake inbound supplies movements to these locations and our construction sites.

Select use a ‘best in class’ Transport Management System’s to receive orders, deploy assets and manage the ‘orders-to-cash’ process. Importantly, the system provides ‘electronic discipline’ ensuring that our back-office can provide invoicing and business reporting specific to the needs of organisation and projects.

Moving construction equipment in and out of sites is a core competence for our operation. All of our drivers are fully qualified to load plant items onto and off of our vehicles.

Safety & Sustainability Leadership


Select Logistics is at the forefront of developments in transportation safety. Our ethos is Safe Culture, Safe Vehicles, Safe Drivers.

Safe Culture

We are group members of TfL’s Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme FORS and play an active role in promoting cycle truck and safety initiatives within the industry. We also participate on the Building Products Delivery Working Group and the Chartered Institute of Logistics’ Construction Forum. Select Logistics is a member of the Freight Transport Association.

Safe Vehicles

Our ultra modern fleet of vehicles are all equipped with safety cameras that record digital footage of the vehicle journeys and loading activity. These safety cameras are invaluable as a ‘digital witness’ in the event of an incident but more importantly act as a deterrent to unsafe practices.

All vehicles are also fitted with ‘Crossrail’ specification safety equipment including blind spot minimisation systems, audible alarms and side guards.

Safe Drivers

All select Logistics drivers undertake regular driving assessments and participate in a programme of continuous professional development. Drivers are all required to attend a Safer Urban Driving or Crossrail Cycle awareness course.

Select Logistics have also pioneered a ‘Logistics Right Behaviours’ course for all employed and sub contract drivers. The course emphasises the behavioural aspects of safe working.


Select Logistics are committed to minimising the impact of its operations on the environment and is a member of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight. The Centre is a collaboration between Cambridge and Heriot-Watt Universities and organisations in the freight and logistics sectors. Its purpose is to research engineering and organizational solutions to make road freight economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Logistics Centres

Select Logistics operate two Construction Logistics Centres to support projects in London and North-West England. The centres allow just-in-time delivery of equipment, building components and supplies to sites. Working in this way minimises risk to the project and allows stock ‘buffering’ at a fit-for-purpose facility therefore reducing the risk of damage.

Heavy Plant Movements

Select Logistics specialises in transportation of abnormal loads. We can deliver and collect heavy plant throughout the UK, using our extensive fleet. We schedule all movements from our Logistics Planning Centre. All movements are organised to comply with traffic legislation and regulations. Our route planning software enables us to plan each delivery detail taking account of weight, width, length, height or turning restrictions.

We liaise with appropriate authorities to obtain permits where these are required.


Tower Crane Projects

Tower cranes can be delivered to project sites easily thanks to their modular construction. Select is highly experienced in their delivery and removal, and through close liaison with your project team, we can deliver and collect tower crane components throughout the UK.

Precast panels

Modern construction methodology is increasingly moving towards off-site manufacturing, with substantial components delivered for installation. Select Logistics has considerable experience in this area, delivering major items to projects throughout the UK.


Select has a growing fleet of dedicated aggregates vehicles and trailers to support delivery requirements. We operate deliveries of raw materials from quarries to our component factories. All movements are managed by our Logistics Planning Centre.