Vantage+ delivers live HD video from crane hook to operator, setting new standards in safety and providing greater operational effectiveness. The ability to remotely stream live and recorded video also allows monitoring by offsite personnel.

Improving crane and site safety

Vantage+ is a wireless video system that mounts directly to a crane hook (and other on-board locations) providing the crane operator with live imagery for more accurate control. The Vantage+ system is designed to increase site safety and significantly improve operational effectiveness. It features the ability to stream live and archive video for on and offsite site personnel.

Operator agility is increased significantly through enhanced visual communication, particularly in confined spaces and during blind or multi-level lifts, as well as in poor weather conditions where direct line of sight may be compromised. Integration with a range of on-board systems such as the SMIE anti-collision, provide an additional safety layer.

Key operational benefits:

  • A HD hook camera and in-cab monitor provides crane operators with a detailed view of load and surroundings
  • Improved site safety;  visibility of the load and signaller dramatically reduces the potential for accidents
  • Enhanced productivity; a HD view significantly increases operator agility during blind and multi-level lifts
  • Recorded video, audio and metrics allows instant resolution of disputes with remote access for analysis or training
  • Optional integration with SMIE ProSite anti-collision system
  • Built-in cellular connectivity and ultra-resilient streaming allows remote observation by site personnel
  • Optional audio recording   


Vantage+ Quick Start Guide

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