Specialist design andfabrication

As part of one of the world’s most innovative engineering and construction companies, Select recognises that for unique conditions, a bespoke solution is required to solve a challenge.

With years of experience, particularly in groundwork, we have the civil and structural engineering know-how to advise and provide expert assistance with major project delivery. Select has some of the most advanced equipment in the country, supported by a network of depots and service facilities that hold an extensive stock of the items most commonly requested.

When an unusual requirement arises, which demands a bespoke item to fulfil a particular role, our highly skilled workshop operators will take pride in delivering manufacturing piling tools and their components. We also have the capability to build and repair all kinds of piling equipment, such as flight augers, bucket augers and core barrels. With a recent investment in our workshop facilities, Select utilises the latest digital profiling technology to create these bespoke components.

We know that construction programmes are tight, so we’ll respond quickly to your request, and get your item on its way to you in the shortest possible time.

Our recent projects include:

  • Working at height packages for pilings rigs, which include all walkways, handrails and access systems. This ensures all activities from general maintenance to simply accessing the cab can be done safely.
  • New ‘push up’ trailer safety barriers assisting in compliance with working at height regulations.
  • Plunge column frames, manufactured for high profile projects in central London and Manchester.
  • A variety of heavy duty bladed augers from 750mm up to 1500mm.
  • Heavy duty core barrels, used for piling operations through hard materials.