Equipment hire

Select is part of one of the UK’s largest engineering enterprises, and with our unique level of experience, we have an extensive range of equipment that’s market leading, in terms of technical ability, age, and diversity.

From our network of locations across the UK, we can offer you specialised equipment to meet your needs, however complex they are. We believe in and understand technology, so you’ll find the latest machines, tools and supporting materials and consumables, all maintained to the highest standards.

For example, our Terex Commedil 650 tower cranes have re-written the rule books in tall structure construction, lifting payloads considered impossible just a few years ago, and enabling the latest engineering process methodology to transform delivery and offer iconic new buildings quicker, safer and more efficiently than ever before. At the other end of the scale, our Hitachi 350LC excavator, fitted with its unique telescopic arm and ‘clamshell’ bucket, offers unique access capabilities, and combined with its low emission engine, is one of only two such units in the country, and is ideal for operation in the restricted environments of city centre locations.

But our service doesn’t stop there.

We’ll advise you if you’re unsure of the most appropriate tool for the job, and provide the support and maintenance to make sure that your needs are fulfilled throughout the life of your project. We’ll make sure you have the right equipment for the right job, that’s always fit for purpose.

One of our fastest growing business areas is in the provision of Specialist Survey Equipment. We offer an extensive range of survey equipment, provided by our Leica accredited workshops in Cambridgeshire. Our skilled technicians are fully trained in the repair and maintenance of these advanced but sensitive units, and our facility is one of only a handful in the country endorsed as a centre of excellence by the world-renowned optical equipment manufacturer.