Monteagle Primary School

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council
Site Solutions
6 months

Full Project Details

Our role: Design and construct eight classrooms, a staffroom, two group rooms, a courtyard with covered walkways, storage facilities, restrooms and extra remodelled teaching space within existing rooms.

We championed the integration of innovative solutions, including CO2-responsive skylights, under-floor heating and double-glazing.

Originally part of the Dagenham Estate Development in 1932, the infant and junior schools united in 1995 to form Monteagle Primary School. Now facing an upturn in numbers, the school appointed us to guide them through the expansion process. We increased the school's capacity by 250 pupils to prepare for a total roll of 800 students.

Seamless connections between existing and new

We have taken the school’s disused internal courtyard and transformed it into a spacious communal area with easy access to the surrounding classrooms. We embraced the existing architecture with an enhanced facade and slanted ceilings, creating a seamless visual connection between the existing school and its new additions.

To enhance the natural flow from courtyard to classroom and into the surrounding green areas, we installed sliding doors that span from floor to ceiling.

Making school life easier

We made use of every available space to maximise the budget and streamline school activities. We installed dedicated storage outside each classroom in an area previously deemed 'dead space'.

A proud moment

Students love their new classrooms. As testament to how comfortable each new space is, a teacher proudly told us that when her class first stepped inside they voluntarily took off their shoes to feel the warmth of the under-floor heating.

Mixing traditional with modern

We used traditional methods to install the facades and plasterboard once the buildings were in place, with an aesthetically pleasing, truly bespoke result. Equipped with electronic projection touch screen whiteboards, kitchenettes with running water, and ample windows and lighting, these classrooms have pleased our most important customer – the children.

  • A radical increase in capacity
  • Maximising options within cost constraints
  • Quiet, warm, spacious and light
  • Embracing the old to enhance the new


A seamless transformation – a suite of warm, spacious, bespoke facilities, specially tailored to complement their existing surroundings while meeting the school's need for more capacity.

"We're very proud to be playing a pivotal role in such an important school project at the very heart of the community. The new school accommodation project shows offsite manufacturing at its best – providing rapid, sustainable, construction solutions."

Ashley CloughSite Facilities Leader