Canary Wharf Chiller Installation

Canary Wharf
Lifting and Handling
1 day

Full Project Details

Our role: To lift two Chiller units as a whole 160m high in this vibrant central area of London.

Working with our in-house Tower Crane division, we were able to offer a complete service to an exceptional challenge.

Canary Wharf is located in Tower Hamlets, London and is one of the two financial centres of the city. The area is home to numerous headquarters of services firms, banks and media organisations. Achieving a lift of the chillers in this vibrant area posed a challenge for our team, one that we were more than happy to take on board.

The challenge

The lift comprised of two Chiller units, each weighing 6.2 tonnes at a height of 160m. Neither of the chillers could be broken down into smaller sections.

Our approach

Through careful planning and consideration of all the demands, we devised the lifting strategy to accomplish the challenge.

Each chiller unit was hoisted up the side of the building, ensuring that it was free to rotate safely, which reduced the risk of damage to the units. The units were then place at the roof level temporarily.

A spreader beam and compensating sheaves were used to ensure a uniform weight distribution across all lifting points, to avoid placing strain on the unit and the units were then positioned in place.

The engineering behind our delivery

With careful consideration from our engineers, the lifting plan was developed, which addressed all the concerns from our client. Our fully trained operatives were briefed on the lift, including all Health and Safety matters behind it. The lift was managed by a competent and qualified supervisor who ensured the lift was carried out according to plan, but also with the knowledge to address any unforeseeable issues.

  • Rapid response time
  • Liaising with local authorities
  • Speed of delivery